Our Services

Noras Nusantara collects, processes, analyze and interprets data related to the earth‟s surface and the soils and rocks beneath to provides advices based on the results to clients.
Our approach is straightforward, the best people, combined with the innovative application of leading edge ideas and technology. Noras Nusantara provides a wide range of services covering oil & gas, mining, water exploration services and also geotechnical investigation, survey and environment assessment services

Geotechnical & Hydrogeology

Our geotechnical and hydrogeology division provides services associated with collecting, processing, managing, analyzing and interpreting of geotechnical, hydrogeology and hydrology data to support the project development. Noras experts ensure the ground investigation is design and implemented properly to meet the project requirement so that safe, effective and efficient project development can be achieved.

Data Acquisition

Geotechnical & Hydrological Field Investigation

Geotechnical site investigation can be considered as an essential part of preliminary design of any mining and construction project which determine the ground characteristics of the geological engineering (soil and rock mechanics) and hydrological (groundwater). It is crucial to safe, effective and economic development. Our experts ensure the ground investigation is design and implemented properly to meet the project requirement. Our services including :

  • Ground investigation design

  • Geotechnical mapping

  • Geotechnical drilling, core logging, sampling and laboratory analysis

  • Static and dynamic penetration testing (CPT and DCP)

  • Hydrological Investigation

  • Pumping Test


Slope Stability Analysis

Slope stability is really important factor to be considered in the management of mining operation for example open pit mines, waste dump and land fill and also civil engineering projects. Proper slope design will ensure a safety work environment and profitable mining operation. Successful slope design requires the gathering of information regarding the site‟s geology and characteristics (e.g. the properties and status of rock mass, soil, and groundwater in and around the excavation), interpretation of these information, and the development of design based on the information. Noras Nusantara professional team has capability and  experience in assessing and designing of slope stability to handle slope stability issues, including :

  • Open pit and quarry

  • Soil, rock, and waste dump

Hydrology and Hydrogeology Analysis

Both surface and ground water have an impact to mining operation and civil work productivity. Excessive water inflow into mining area has an effect on lowering slope stability and  cause water paddle in excavation. For safety working environment and good productivity of project, the excavation operation must be carried out above water level so that  engineering approaches have to be done  to prevent (reduce) the water flows into excavation (water drainage) and lowering  water level below the excavation.

Our professional team have capability and experience to analyze and interpret of both hydrology and hydrogeology data and design the appropriate water drainage and water dewatering program to handle water issue.