Our Services

Noras Nusantara collects, processes, analyze and interprets data related to the earth‟s surface and the soils and rocks beneath to provides advices based on the results to clients.
Our approach is straightforward, the best people, combined with the innovative application of leading edge ideas and technology. Noras Nusantara provides a wide range of services covering oil & gas, mining, water exploration services and also geotechnical investigation, survey and environment assessment services


Our survey division provides services related to topography survey, drone aerial mapping and GIS database management & analysis. We have capabilities and experiences to undertake various survey program associated to exploration and development of mining project, oil & gas and also construction project.

Data Acquisition

Topography Survey

Noras nusantara realized that detailed and through survey forms an crucial part of any site investigation. Before undertaking any significant construction/development project such us mining, construction, etc., it may be necessary to perform a topographic land survey to identify various features,elevations of the land, and investigation of exploratory hole location (collar survey) those will be used for further planning. In mining project topographic model is really important to determine volumetric of rock that would be ore deposit or waste.

Our topographic surveys vary according to the plot sizes for individual developments to the larger commercial developments like mining project, construction, etc. We have also provided internal layout, level and exterior elevation surveys. While each project is tailored to meet the Client‟s exact requirements, the detail will typically include:

  • Outline of land ownership, existing road, building and other infrastructure

  • Water drainage and rivers

  • Contours

  • Volumetric

The final topographic survey result will be aligned to Local or National Grid System and can be provided as a 3D drawing in digital CAD format, PDF as well as a paper plot.

Drone Aerial Mapping Survey

Noras nusantara drone areal mapping services can produce 2D maps and 3D digital elevation models that enable our client‟s to fill in imaging gaps left by satellite mapping with up-to-date data. Orthomosaic maps are created with a large overlapping photos covering a predefined area. After capturing precise aerial imagery, then our experts use Pix4D software package to crochet the photo into georectified orthomosaics. The meta-information found within georeferenced orthomosaic can be used to compute point clouds, volumetrics, 3D digital surface and terrain models.

Our experts are be able to provide an advance 3D model of the area. Client‟s can fully interact with the model and utilize it to perform calculations including distance, area, and volume. These tools are ideal for getting measurements of construction sites, calculation areas of land or fields, map the nature fitures and understanding where the equipment is located.


Topographical Modeling

Noras nusantara utilize sophisticated computer programs to allow for construction of both topographic 3D model and map, as well as interactive elevation views of the land. The data may be used in CAD programs, where it can be manipulated by engineers or architects to demonstrate how the topography will change through planned improvements.

  • Firstly to supply the topographic base for geologic mapping and geophysical surveys;

  • Secondly to supply a coherent structural picture to serve as a guide for the movements of geologic field parties engaged in stratigraphic studies and structural mapping

Noras Nusantara has capability to conduct aerial survey through drone survey by using LIDAR or aerial photography (orthomosaic) technology to produce 2D maps and also 3D digital elevation models then delivers a comprehensive interpretation of near-surface geology that increases confidence in modeling deeper geology.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems are designed to capture and analyze, geospatial data. Our GIS experts are be able to create interactive queries in order to analyze spatial information and display it in numerous ways to enhance location intelligence. Whether you are needing geospatial information for engineering, planning, management, transport/logistics, accessibility, telecommunications, or other business.

Our GIS experts can assist with the following :

  • Data Analysis
    With GIS, two- and three-dimensional characteristics of the Earth’s surface, subsurface, and atmosphere can be posted, analyzed and integrate spatially  to provide use full information.

  • Topological Modeling
    By analyzing topological relationships, spatial modeling can be performed between geometric entities to determine such things as adjacency, containment, and proximity.

  • Geometric Networks
    Geometric networks are linear networks of objects that can be used to represent interconnected features, and to perform special spatial analysis on them. A geometric network is connected at junction points, similar to graphs in mathematics. Just like graphs, networks can have weight and flow, which can be used to represent road networks, public utility networks.

  • Cartographic Modeling
    Cartographic modeling is a process where several thematic layers are produced, processed, and analyzed for simulation or optimization models

  • Map Overlay
    By overlaying vectors data can be extracted and used in either vector or raster data analysis. Rather than combining the properties and features of both datasets, data extraction involves using a “clip” or “mask” to extract the features of one data set that fall within the spatial extent of another dataset.

  • Data Output and Cartography
    Cartography is the design and production of maps, or visual representations of spatial data