Our Services

Noras Nusantara collects, processes, analyze and interprets data related to the earth‟s surface and the soils and rocks beneath to provides advices based on the results to clients.
Our approach is straightforward, the best people, combined with the innovative application of leading edge ideas and technology. Noras Nusantara provides a wide range of services covering oil & gas, mining, water exploration services and also geotechnical investigation, survey and environment assessment services

Water & Environment

Our water and environment division provides services covering ground water exploration & production, environmental survey and environmental study & permitting. Noras environmental experts capabilities and experiences in the field provides for solid, knowledge-based application of impact analysis principles. Noras groundwater expert has approach start from preliminary survey at a regional scale to detailed survey. We integrate both geological and geophysical methods data through to sophisticated software package to build groundwater model and select the best well location.

Data Acquisition

Environmental Field Survey & Sampling

Noras Nusantara provide field survey covering sampling for air, water, soil, sound, etc. and observation of people and settlement those are used for establishment of baseline conditions and assessment for planning applications, conditions and permitting of environment study. Our experience in the field provides for solid, knowledge-based application of impact analysis principles.

We provide tools, management and experienced professionals to perform the survey.

Surface Geological Mapping and Hydrological Investigation

Noras Nusantara conduct the survey by integrating both the desk study and field work activities. The desk study involves evaluation of regional and sub-regional hydrogeological maps and evaluation of the previously developed geological and hydrogeological maps of the watershed. The field work is

conducted to investigate topography, local geological and hydrogeological conditions of the explored area in relation to the developed maps.

The survey result will produce the schematic of natural hydrogeological condition that visualize through map that  include hydrogeological characteristics of hydro stratigraphic units, basically the geological characteristics of the area that includes degree of fracturing and degree of weathering, geological structures that favorite groundwater storage and movements and other parameters play significant role in designing capture and dewatering systems of groundwater.

Surface Geophysical Survey

Noras Nusantara provide surface geophysical survey for ground water investigation in the form of resistivity survey. The component of service including man power, tools, analysis & interpretation and reporting .

Electrical resistivity surveying methods are  used to determine the thickness and resistivity of layered media for the purpose of assessing groundwater potential.

We have capability to applied resistivity method by using one-dimensional (1D) vertical electrical sounding (VES) surveys and two-dimensional (2D) geophysical technique. 1D VES surveys is be able model layered structures of the subsurface while incorporation of 2D methods is be able to provide a more detailed interpretation like lateral extent of the subsurface hydro-geological features (aquifer, aqiclude, etc.) from which potential sites for successful borehole location are identified. During resistivity data interpretation, we always regard the geological & hydrological data and surrounding well data as constraint to produce reliable interpretation result.

Computer assisted iterative interpretation packages like IPI2 and Win RESIST software’s of Schlumberger analysis were used to interpret the resistivity data gathered from the field. i.e., they were used to identify the thickness and depth of each hydro stratigraphic layer in the study area. Moreover, GIS software package  is also used to locate the point or line of survey and well locations.

Water Drilling

Noras Nusanatara provide full services of water drilling program including man power, equipment and logistic of drilling operation. Not only drilling we also provide  well construction services and surface facility construction of water well.

Pumping Test

Noras Nusantara provide man power, tools, analysis and reporting of pumping test program.

Our hydrologist have capability and experience to undertake pumping test analysis for water  well development purpose. This test has aim to determine the capability of an aquifer to store, transmit, yield groundwater, and estimating the quantity and quality of ground water. Type of test including step drawdown test, constant rate test, and many others.


Environment Study & Permitting (AMDAL)

Noras Nusantara provide services of environmental study of mining project covering environment assessment  for planning applications, conditions and permitting to both regulatory body and local agencies. With our capability to perform associated studies such as survey and restoration planning, Noras Nusantara can support Environment Impact Analysis (AMDAL, UKL, UPL) from the establishment of baseline conditions through full impact analysis. We are often involved in early planning efforts, we work closely with clients to evaluate approaches to correct long-term impacts where feasible.

Ground Water Exploration

The occurrence and distribution of ground water resources are confined to certain geological formation and structures. We believe that the good understanding related typology of groundwater (geological characteristic) and application of appropriate tools will lead to discovery of ground water.

Our approach start from preliminary survey at a regional scale then continue  to detailed survey. We integrate several method like surface geological mapping, geohydrological investigation, and surface geophysical (resistivity) data through sophisticated software package to select the best well location.

Once the best water location is found, then we identifying groundwater conditions includes physical properties of the aquifer that govern the capability of an aquifer to store, transmit, and yield groundwater, estimating the quantity and quality, and determining depth to the water table from the surface. The groundwater conditions will determine what kinds of wells may be constructed. Depending on these possibilities and on the local resources and economics, costs are compared and a choice may be made. Finally typical technical specifications for the wells and pumps may be prepared.

Ground Water Modeling 

Noras Nusantara experts combining strong understanding in geology, field-based knowledge and software technology to develop reliable ground water model. We understand how to make models represent the data that we put into them by adjusting the boundary conditions and parameters.

Groundwater modeling is the best solution for several types of civil engineering and water resource planning problems.  Groundwater models are used for many applications: identification of sustainable aquifer yield, evaluation of varying pumping schedules, rate and transport of hazardous chemical contaminants, groundwater remediation program design, intrusion of saltwater, predict ground water level throughout time and optimization of pumping schedules to minimize the cost of pumping.

We utilize  groundwater modeling software package like MODFLOW to better represent the reality of groundwater hydrology.