Strategic Partners

Geochemical Insight, a Colorado based company that turns multi-component geochemical data into information that is integrated with geological and geophysical data to reduce risk in petroleum and mineral exploration.

Geochemical Insight has designed, implemented and interpreted geochemical exploration surveys for the petroleum and mining industries since 2007. Emphasis is placed on linking surface seeps with reservoir fluids using forensic geochemical tools with the ultimate goal of reducing exploration risk. Our clients repeatedly contract us to help:

  • Focus leasing, seismic and drilling

  • Determine if targets contain petroleum, helium and/or water

  • Evaluate oil-field brines for lithium potential

  • Identify by-passed or deeper production

  • Map reservoir trends and sweet spots

  • Estimate light moveable oil quantities in shale reservoirs

TDI-Brooks International is the recognized leader in offshore surface geochemical exploration and heat flow measurement. Since 1996 TDI-Brooks has collected over 18,000 deep water piston core sediment samples and heat flow stations for every major oil company, in areas such as the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico (USA and Mexico), the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic, and offshore West Africa. In addition to conducting numerous private coring programs, TDI-Brooks also has extensive consortium SGE and Heat Flow program data available for sale in the Gulf of Mexico, Nile Delta, eastern Canada, and west Africa. Several new consortium programs are being planned in these and other areas, see our News & Publications section for more details

ISTI is a privately held firm that was incorporated in 1998 in the state of New York. We are a software development and systems integration company that originated from the Geophysical research arena (primarily Seismology, Exploration Geophysics, and Geochemistry) and have broadened into business, engineering, and scientific applications. Our strong science and math backgrounds allow us to write intelligent and powerful software to provide our customers with the tools they want to get their work done efficiently and precisely.

We are the leading provider of Open Source software solutions in the field of Earthquake Seismology. We provide custom solutions to data acquisition, custom control software (SCADA) and database systems using public-domain packages, commercial suites, and our in-house toolkit of software. Our goal is to provide open and well designed software systems that can be expanded and have a long usable life.

Our primary product is our Network Monitoring and Management tool, known as SeisNetWatch. We are deploying this product in the Petroleum Industry and in Seismological Research

Institutions around the world. Contact us to see how we can adapt this tool to your needs. Other ISTI products are part of our Earthquake monitoring services and science support work, mainly using EarthWorm, the premier automated data acquisition and earthquake detection software in use around the globe.

DMT Exploration Engineering Consulting Indonesia is part of the International Mining Consulting (IMC) Division of the DMT Group. By launching the new subsidiary in Jakarta, we underline our global presence, demonstrating our commitment to be closer to our clients. The Jakarta office will provide clients with easier access to DMT„s full portfolio, which spans the entire mine life cycle. Our clients will benefit through quicker response time, more integrated planning and increased efficiency.

The expertise of DMT Group is based on a wide-ranging background of activities in exploration, mining, minerals, cokemaking technology and testing. These services have been our profession for more than 150 years and have been successfully performed by our interdisciplinary teams in more than 150 countries worldwide. With a staff of approximately 1,000, we have the capability, know-how and practical skills to carry out projects at almost any scale and support our customers in achieving financial success and ensuring the safety of their workforce.

DMT Group itself is a member of TÜV NORD Group. Within this bigger picture DMT handles the business activities associated with natural resources. TÜV NORD Group boasts more than

10,000 employees worldwide and is one of Germany‟s largest providers of technical services.

Initiated by seven person who have experience in oil & gas industries, PT. Sapta Servisindo was established in Jakarta on 30th of September 2002, under Indonesia Law and legalized by Public Notary Mrs. Handriyani Sianipar, SH, No 9.

Started its main business in 2000 under the name PT. Langgeng Cipta Mandiri within the oil & gas industries for general trading with a focus on supply of drilling mud materials, especially on Lost Circulation Materials (LCM).

We further develop business activities by focusing on Chemicals for Oil Production Process, Laboratory Equipment and Analysis, Core Handling, Preservation And Preparation also Reservoir Study.

With long time experience in the field amid a growing exploration activities in both the oilfield, geothermal and CBM, we are confident and believe these business have a bright future.

PATRA DINAMIKA (PADI) is an Indonesia National Company, which has been for years as a leading company under water services in Southeast Asia region.

PADI has been the active member both ADCI (Association Of Diving Contractors International) and IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) since the year of 2000 and holding certificate of ISO 9001-2008 as well, proving it‟s care for Quality Management to guarantee customer‟s satisfaction

As a professional national diving company, PADI has out standing share in participating in the development of Offshore Industry program supported by executive and expert personnel having qualification and experiences for 5 to 30 years and exclusively supported by National and

International Partners as well. From the very beginning PADI has intensively developed it‟s resources to anticipate the client‟s changing needs. The whole supports has made PADI become an excellence and trusted National Company in under water technique business

In line with the vision and mission, PADI always be trying to be a company which always develops quality of professional services in under water technique

business in order to take care of the customer trust.