Our Services

Noras Nusantara collects, processes, analyze and interprets data related to the earth‟s surface and the soils and rocks beneath to provides advices based on the results to clients.
Our approach is straightforward, the best people, combined with the innovative application of leading edge ideas and technology. Noras Nusantara provides a wide range of services covering oil & gas, mining, water exploration services and also geotechnical investigation, survey and environment assessment services


Our mining division provides services and products associated with collecting, processing, analyzing, interpreting geological & mining data and reporting in accordance with both national and international standards. Our capabilities and experiences of related services bring added value, risk reduction and valuable insight to both exploration and development of mining project, assisting our clients to meet their goal.

Data Acquisition

Surface Geological Mapping & Sampling 

Noras Nusantara believe that good geological understanding is fundamental in the success of any exploration and mining project. Effective mineral exploration is be able to achieved through depth understanding of lithological, alteration and structures that control mineralization. By regarding mentioned concept above, we believe geological surface mapping provide effective and efficient ways in preliminary stage where it all starts and opportunities are recognized in the field.

Our awareness of this understanding and concept encourages our geologist to deliver high quality maps and section those can be used in prospectivity models, to guide further program like drill targeting, geophysical and drive the 3D resource model. We used available systematics and modern tools in collaboration with conventional mapping techniques. We deliver maps in any layered GIS digital format so that easy to be overlayed and easy to be managed and accessed.

Exploration Drilling

Noras Nusantara provide man power, equipment and logistic related to exploration drilling program. We have experience from scout drilling to multi-rig resource drilling programmes. Our experience cover several mining commodity in Indonesia consist of coal deposit at South Sumatra and Kalimantan, nickel laterite at SE Sulawesi, and primary deposit of lead and copper at Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Geophysical Logging

Noras Nusantara offers wide range of geophysical logging services to the coal, water wells, and shallow oil industries.

In coal drilling program, geophysical logging provide accurate and precise for both depth and thickness of coal seam. Those logging data then combined with core sample and cutting to help the geologist interpret the existence of coal seam.

Noras Nusantara are be able to provide tolls, man power, and report of geophysical logging program. We have many experience in many mining and industrial area in Indonesia such us Sumatra and Kalimanatan.

Our Electrical Logging Services specifically:

  • Gamma, Dual Density, Caliper, and SP/Resistivity Probe

  • Gamma, Dual Density, Caliper Probe

  • Gamma, Dual Neutron, Casing Colar Locator, and Temperature Probe

  • Short – Long Normal Resistivity and SP Probe

  • Gamma, SP/Resistivity

  • Gamma, Three Arm Caliper Probe

Surface Geophysical Survey

Noras Nusantara have capability and experience in providing man power, equipment and technical report related to surface geophysical survey for mining exploration program. Our surveys consist of resistivity, IP, and magnetic survey. We always regard the geological concept while developing  the survey design and calibrate the data to ensure the application of these method are effective and efficient. We realize these geophysical methods are not stand alone so that must be controlled by geological constraint.

However, with appropriate application of the surface geophysical method can really helpful to support subsurface geological interpretation, delineating ore deposit and drill hole targeting process.

Exploration Supervision & Monitoring (Management)

Noras Nusantara managed the drilling program from remote scout drilling projects through to multi-rig resource delineation drilling programmes, in deep forest, and isolated area. We have experience to managed drilling for small exploration as well as for big exploration company.

We provide team including senior geologist, well site geologist, data geologist and geotechnician to handle of all aspect of drilling programmes. We manage the drilling contractors, geophysical logging contractors  and also the laboratories, and ensure that the core and/or cuttings get logged, sampled and recorded as reliable good quality data to build precise and accurate  geological and resource model. We use proven standard operating procedures which are based on international best practice. We have experience to manage the drilling progrrammes in accordance with both JORC and KCMI standard.

Our associates/consultants have relevant experience with many commodities and mineralization styles in many area in Indonesia.

During the project we provide communication of progress and result such as daily report with up-to-date sampling and drilling penetration and weekly technical reports equipped with maps and sections showing the progress and important findings to date.

Exploration Sampling QA/QC

Procedure of Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) and proper sampling technique are very crucial in mineral deposit exploration to ensure confidence in resource modeling and estimation those lead to precise and accurate reserve estimation. Noras nusantara realize that the reliability of estimation is rely on the quality of the data used.

Our experts have both capability and experiences in validation and review on QA/QC procedure or protocols, sample database, and give an advice related to appropriate sampling strategy and sampling techniques.

Topography & Collar Survey, Bench Mark Positioning

We do the topography survey which are used to identify and map the contours of ground and existing features related to exploration and mining activity. The amount and type of topographical survey collected on site is based on client specification. Beside topography survey Noras Nusantara also provide Collar Survey of drill hole.

We realize that 3D topographic model and collar will determined the quality of  3D geological and resource model so that we do accurate survey by empowering professional surveyor and high-end technology to ensure the quality of result.

The final topography survey drawings will be provided as output either digita or hard copies. Digital information can be provided in either 2D and/or 3D file format.


Exploratory Data Analysis

Noras nusantara realize that Exploratory Data Analysis is an essential part of every high quality, mineral inventory estimation. The analysis involves a careful organization of available quantitative data that are the basis of the estimate and the formation of composite grades.Data organization and evaluation are involve more than half of the effort necessary to develop a mineral inventory estimation.

Our experts believe that by providing insight into characteristics of the variables under investigation then good quality of estimation can be achieved.

Main objectives of EDA including :

  • Identify and eliminate errors;

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the statistical characteristics of all variables of interest for resource estimation

  • Document and understand the interrelationships among the variables of interest

  • Identify and assign distinctive geological domains that require independent estimation of mineral inventory;

  • Recognize systematic spatial variation of variables such as grade and thickness of mineralized zones.

3D Geological Modeling

Our modeling geologist combine their skills in geological interpretation, familiarity of deposit style with the application of modeling software packages to develop 3D Geological Model. We realize that geological modeling is multiple working hypothesis (dynamics) so that we focused on testing, validating and evaluating applied solutions in the exploration process to deliver reliable geological model.

Resource & Reserve Estimation, JORC & KCMI Standard

Noras Nusantara have experience in building and reviewing geological models and resource estimation for many commodities and deposit types in Indonesia. Not by grade alone, our geologist also using defined geological criteria and control to model the coal and mineral deposit.

We realize that the accurate mineral resource models will help in developing effective and economic mine plan. We combining modern software & technology with our strong geological understanding to developing reliable resource model.  Our associates (competent persons) have proven capability to produce both  internationally accepted resource reporting codes such us JORC as well as  local (Indonesian) standard – KCMI.

Once the resource model is defined the modifying factor will be applied to convert the resource into reserves. We realize that assumption and information are used as modifying factor must be reliable those assessed and applied by experienced people. Our associates have extensive experience to estimate and report the coal &mineral reserves in accordance with international standard report and have valuable insight in industry best practice.

Mine Design and Planning

Noras Nusantara realize that successful and profitable mining project start from precise and accurate mine design and planning. Our approaches emphasized on pit optimization, economic mining depth and scale of operation. We provide comprehensive report of the life of mine plan and economic model of predefined resource. Our services covering :

  • Detail mine design and layout

  • Production scheduling

  • Equipment selection

  • Capital expenditure and operating cost estimation

Scoping to Feasibility Study

Noras Nusantara have capability and experiences in undertakes fully integrated technical evaluation and economic assessment of the mineral deposit development projects consist of scoping study, pre-feasibility, and feasibility study as well as economic evaluations. Not only for internal corporate needs but also compliance of government standard reporting of mineral project feasibility study.

Our focus is to give client‟s confidence in the principal value of the mining project through  providing proper analyses and interpretations that support development strategies and  important project decisions.

Technical Due Dilligence

If your company looking for investment in a mining or exploration project, Noras Nusantara provide important technical due diligence service to elude fatal fault or other technical issues with the project. We do the due diligence in several stages to ensure your company keep in control of expenditure, effort  and have reliable information to make right decision and go on.

In the evaluation, our professional focus on important-basic risk factors consist of geological, market, environmental, social, politics and where all the things start that is exploration data (from sampling through to modeling and estimation).

We realize that opportunities of mining project come and go fastly so that we always strive to perform the reviews with urgency.